Indiana University Health Arnett

Lafayette, IN

Indiana University Health Arnett, a full-service acute care hospital with 152 patient rooms, opened in 2008 with a wayfinding system developed by Corbin Design.

The system includes exterior directional and identification signs across IU Health Arnett’s 60-acre campus and interior signs within its 400,000 square feet of space.

A 30-foot-tall landmark identifies the campus with an illuminated IU Health symbol and frosted glass tiles. The tower sits atop a brick and limestone base, and its tapered shape and materials reappear in other exterior signs.

At the top of the seven-story main building is a 19-foot-tall illuminated version of the IU Health logo, which acts as a beacon to the surrounding community.

IU Health Arnett’s design theme—the tree of life—is embodied in a two-story tree structure in the hospital’s main atrium. Corbin Design worked closely with the hospital’s interior designers to ensure that all signage reflects this theme through the use of oak veneers and subtle silhouettes of oak trees that grace the backgrounds of sign panels.

Directories, wall directionals and secondary identifiers all use printed inserts to allow easy and economical updating as locations and personnel change.