Hoag Hospital

Newport Beach, CA

One of southern California’s premier healthcare facilities, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian brought Corbin Design in when they added a seven-story Women’s Pavilion to its 750,000-square-foot facility. The project, the largest in Hoag’s 53-year history, resulted in a new main lobby and changes in hospital entrances and parking locations. Hospital officials seized the opportunity to redefine how people navigate the facility and campus.

Key components of the new exterior signage system included building identifiers with letters more than seven feet tall that identify Hoag from miles away, more legible boundary and entrance identifiers that incorporate the Hoag logo, new vehicular directional signs and better identification for buildings, entrances and parking.

Inside the facility, an electronic kiosk in the new main lobby shows a map of the entire facility along with the elevator to use to reach major destinations. Custom signs identify high-traffic destinations including the health resource center, gift shop and café. Color-coded elevator directories coordinate with references on other signage.