Community Medical Centers

Fresno, CA

The largest hospital system in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Community Medical Centers operates 16 major health facilities and employs 6,300 people.

Corbin Design developed sign systems for many of those facilities, including Community Regional Medical Center—Community’s flagship hospital and part of a 58-acre medical campus in the heart of downtown Fresno.

Corbin Design also designed sign systems for Community’s 109-bed acute care medical center in Clovis, and for satellite and administration facilities throughout the Fresno area and its suburbs.

The exterior sign systems use shapes that reflect the diamond in the corporate brand identity. Blue and dark grey are used to establish an anticipatory value with the viewer, while certain historic buildings received customized framing details that align with the architecture.

The interior sign systems, with their soothing colors and use of photographic imagery in some sign types, enhance the health care provider’s healing environments while allowing for fast, economical updating as locations and room functions change.