Oakland University

Rochester, MI

In addition to being a second home to students and faculty, Oakland University is the site of the Meadow Brook Festival, which brings thousands of additional summertime visitors to the campus. This heightens the need for a wayfinding solution that is easy to follow and one that creates the appearance of a more unified campus. The campus also has seven public entrances, compounding the amount of information that has to be communicated.

Corbin Design studied the problem and designed a family of signs that welcomes visitors and informs them of the location of two primary campuses—the academic campus and the Meadow Brook campus—and the parking most convenient to their intended destinations.

To aid wayfinding, parking lots are renumbered so that the progression of the numbers is like that of street addresses. Once on foot, visitors are guided to their destinations by carefully placed campus map directories. The signs are fabricated of aluminum. Mounted atop many of the signs is the university’s symbol, a billowing sail that has been cast in aluminum and painted in gold.