Vail, CO

Recognized as one of the world’s top resort destinations, this alpine community hosts as many as 18,000 skiers a day. The town has also succeeded in leveraging that winter tourism expertise to attract visitors year-round. This influx of visitors, though, has created wayfinding challenges throughout the Gore River Valley.

After a nationwide search, town officials chose Corbin Design to redefine the way visitors navigate Vail. The resulting wayfinding system reflects Vail’s European character, down to the regulatory signs. Six villages were identified and assigned names and unique colors to point them out from the Interstate highway that bisects the valley. “Mountain portal” signage was developed to direct skiers who may take a lift up one slope only to ski down another slope into a different village later.

The signage supports and emphasizes the town’s unique focus on foot traffic through the pedestrian system of maps and guide signs. In addition, Corbin Design helped develop a trail signage system that has a similar design aesthetic as the pedestrian signage. For instance, the square wooden posts of the trail signage carry the same directional blade signs found in the pedestrian guide sign type, along with distance markers for each destination noted. Trail identification plaques inset into the wooden posts, regulatory signage and mile markers are additional elements offered in the trail signage.