Quad Cities - IL & IA

Davenport, IA

The Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau and Riverboat Development Authority were in a quandary—how could they guide people to and through the various visitor destinations in their two-state coverage area while respecting the uniqueness of each member community?

Corbin Design’s response centered on an icon that visually suggests each of the communities and the region’s most prominent geographical feature—the Mississippi River. The icon shows the relationship of the communities to the river, while indicating how it flows east to west rather than the expected north to south, making it a powerful orientation device.

Used in conjunction with color-coded sign backgrounds and the name of each community, the symbol also shows visitors where they are in the larger region. A distinctive curved footer on many of the signs echoes the curve in the symbol, visually linking the family of signs.

Welcome signs on the Interstate highways that circle the region introduce drivers to the symbol and communities. Directional signs along state highways and city streets identify specific cities and nearby destinations, and inform drivers of changes in road names ahead. Vehicular and pedestrian signs guide visitors to over 85 destinations. Public Parking Identifiers list destinations that are a short walk away.

Of all the many relationships I have established in about 25 years in travel, the relationship I have with Corbin is one I highly value and treasure. In the back of my mind is a vacation trip to Traverse City sometime so I will stop by, say hi, and get reacquainted.

CEO, Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau, 
Moline, Illinois