Petoskey - Downtown

Petoskey, MI

The Petoskey Downtown Management Board tapped Corbin Design to develop a sign program to locate and identify downtown services and facilities in this historic lakeside resort town.

Audiences include tourists driving to or through downtown Petoskey, summer residents and resorters, event and attraction attendees and local residents. More than 1.5 million people visit Petoskey each year, making effective wayfinding critical to an enjoyable experience. Program goals included reinforcing Petoskey’s small-town image, maintaining visual continuity with existing streetscape elements, and helping visitors and residents find their way both in their vehicles and on foot. Maintenance and durability were also concerns.

The resulting signs use painted corrosion-resistant aluminum and engineer-grade vinyl for the messaging, to provide increased durability. The visual aesthetic of the system, including the rich green and gold color palette and use of the classic Trajan typeface, reflect Petoskey’s historic significance (the town’s historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places). The signs enhance Petoskey’s pedestrian friendly nature while providing information on its history and reinforcing its reputation as a world-class resort town.

This sign program won a 2005 Award of Excellence from the Northern Michigan Ad Club