Lansing - Downtown

Lansing, MI

Michigan’s Capitol City draws millions of visitors a year who come to enjoy the area’s culture and history, entertainment, shopping, and institutions like Michigan State University and its Big 10 sporting events. City leaders seeking to better direct visitors around Lansing hired Corbin Design to design a cost-effective sign system that could be used throughout the city.

Corbin Design developed a system using white lettering on Department of Transportation green, customized with a header that shows the city logo and a footer that identifies the area. Vehicular directional signs carry up to four destination listings, and parking identifiers indicate the location of city parking structures. Corbin Design also designed interior and exterior regulatory and directional signs for five city parking structures that coordinate with the parking identifiers that were designed for city streets.

The system was initially installed in and around the Washington Mall area, site of popular downtown festivals and home to Lansing Community College.