Lancaster - Downtown

Lancaster, PA

The Lancaster Campaign, an urban revitalization agency serving this city of 56,000, sought a pedestrian wayfinding and signage system that would complement Lancaster’s vehicular signage and better direct visitors to the city’s growing list of attractions. The pedestrian system and its vandal-resistant signs were designed to be a “cousin” of the city’s already established vehicular wayfinding system. Goals of the system included improving access to city areas and destinations, encouraging visitors to explore the city, increasing pedestrian traffic, and boosting tourism.

Corbin Design developed large and small versions of a pedestrian kiosk for the program, along with a wall-mounted version. We also designed the maps that the kiosks house, and worked with the Lancaster Campaign to determine the best placement and orientation for the signs.

The oldest inland city in the United States, Lancaster is known nationally for its architectural heritage. The wayfinding system helps guide visitors to the city’s architectural jewels, along with shopping, dining and entertainment options. Maps also indicate the locations of churches, parks, parking areas and public transit, and provide a list of major destinations within two to three blocks of a viewer’s location.