Kalamazoo - Downtown

Kalamazoo, MI

The wayfinding program for downtown Kalamazoo defines six “neighborhoods” or districts within the downtown area to direct people to a certain district before pointing them to specific destinations. To identify these districts, a symbol and color were designed for each. Symbol characters and sign designs reflect the art deco aesthetic that was implemented for the capital improvements project.

The wayfinding system includes these elements:

  • Trailblazers lead visitors to downtown Kalamazoo from outlying areas.
  • Cultural Luminaires announce one’s arrival in the downtown area while providing cultural and historical information.
  • Vehicular Directional Signs define the various districts and lead visitors to specific destinations in each district.
  • Pedestrian Directional Signs direct pedestrians to nearby destinations.
  • Pedestrian Maps located throughout the downtown direct people to destinations in the immediate neighborhood.

The wayfinding program is designed so that over time it can be expanded to include the entire city, incorporating the names of the many existing residential neighborhoods.

Corbin’s work on this project won an Award of Distinction from Creativity 32, and publication in the 32nd Creativity Annual.