Chelsea - Downtown

Chelsea, MI

Corbin Design began working with Chelsea in 1991 as part of a design and engineering team that installed streetscape improvements, expanded parking, new lighting and signage throughout the downtown. The two-year project helped Chelsea boost its downtown business occupancy rate to 100 percent.

Chelsea again turned to Corbin Design in 2003 to update and expand the Victorian-style signage system that we developed in 1991.

The primary goal of the original signage system was to direct potential visitors downtown from Interstate 94, two miles away. The updated system continues that effort, and also locates downtown services, facilities and parking with the goal of helping visitors and residents alike find their way, whether in vehicles or on foot.

To address the growing popularity of Downtown Chelsea, more pedestrian wayfinding sign types were designed. Corbin Design also developed a standard for address signs for downtown businesses, so that their signs mesh with the rest of the system.

As before, the mandate was to develop a cost-effective system that reflects the Victorian architecture of the city while helping visitors and residents alike find their way around.