Springfield, MO

The wayfinding system for this city of 150,000 was developed in conjunction with a comprehensive downtown redevelopment effort.One major goal for the system was to cross-market the downtown by capitalizing on the popularity of a local retailer that appears prominently on the signage. Another was to alert drivers to the existence of the city’s downtown, which had been overshadowed on highway signage by nearby Branson, a popular entertainment destination.

Corbin Design developed a series of signs that direct visitors from area highways to city districts, destinations and parking. Smaller pedestrian signs guide walkers to nearby destinations and display maps of the region and immediate area. The forest green on the signs is a reflection of Springfield’s “Tree City USA” designation. Corbin Design also designed the symbols that represent the three districts.

The project makes use of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Fifth Logo” program to place the district icons on highway signage, introducing drivers to the symbols before they exit onto city streets.