City of Madison

Madison, WI

Because of downtown Madison’s unique geography as an isthmus bordered by two lakes, residents and visitors alike often have difficulty finding their way into, around and out of the area. To help solve this problem, Corbin Design worked with a citizens advisory committee to develop a vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding program for the city.

The program provides a series of directional signs, directing visitors to their desired destination by providing information sequentially from general areas to more specific locations. Symbols were also developed for each of the five primary “traffic generators” in the city.

Corbin Design worked closely with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to determine the signage design and location. The wayfinding program consists of these elements:

  • Directional Signs direct visitors in cars from the airport to the downtown, the UW Campus, Expo Center and Monona Terrace Convention Center along regional arteries, and back out again.
  • Banners define the one-way Capitol Loop around the center of downtown Madison.
  • Directions are given to the five public parking ramps, renamed in the process to support more intuitive wayfinding.
  • Pedestrian Maps are located at the parking facilities and throughout the downtown.
  • Available Bike Route Maps aid two-wheeled transportation.