Frankenmuth, MI

The wayfinding and signage program for Frankenmuth, Michigan was developed as part of the town’s Hospitality 2000 Master Plan, which calls for major capital improvements throughout the downtown area. Frankenmuth, a town of 7,500, is a bona fide tourist destination, attracting over three million visitors annually to enjoy its authentic German character, shops and restaurants.

The signage program reflects the German heritage of the town through the use of the same colors, materials and typography that are used for signage throughout the Bavarian region of Germany. Even roadside directional signs directing traffic through town use the authentic German black and yellow colors.

In the downtown pedestrian ways, various sign types from directional signs to directories and historic markers also echo the town’s German heritage. A series of distance markers, calibrated in kilometers, encourages pedestrians to walk further along Main Street to outlying businesses.