Bloomington, IN

Designing a wayfinding and signage program for a university town must address unique considerations with respect to the traffic demands that a university places on the community. In the case of Monroe County and the City of Bloomington, Indiana, home to Indiana University, the campus itself became one of the five areas in the system’s information hierarchy.

The system relies on a series of sign types that direct people first to a general area before directing them to specific destinations in each area. But because the routes used by visitors attending athletic events differ from those used by visitors seeking the university campus proper, the university area was defined by two separate symbols to direct the different visitors accordingly. The same was true for Lake Monroe, where access for sport-fishing is on a different part of the lake from access for recreational boating.

In the case of the university, the Destination Directional signs direct visitors to specific high-level destinations. The university’s own signage program then directs people from these points to other points on the campus.