Rochester - Center City

Rochester, NY

When the city of Rochester needed to expand a 1980s-era signage system to cover its entire downtown, Corbin Design was called in to develop a signage and wayfinding system that works for a larger area and served many more destinations.

While the original signage system guided residents and visitors to just five venues, the new system includes wayfinding to 50 destinations. The color-coded system developed by Corbin Design handles the larger destination list by dividing the Center City area into quadrants and pointing drivers to the quadrant they need before guiding them to a specific destination within the quadrant. The icon that illustrates the quadrant system is based on two key elements of the Rochester landscape and streetscape—the Genesee River that flows north through the city, and Main Street running east and west. Graphic depictions of these two elements separate the four quadrants of the icon.

The system is designed primarily for drivers, guiding visitors to destinations and the most appropriate parking venue for the destination. Updated pedestrian maps using existing kiosks with the new icon and destination system will then guide visitors to their destinations.