Bruce County

Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

This rural county of 65,000 northwest of Toronto runs along and south of the Bruce Peninsula, which stretches 60 miles (97 kilometers) into Lake Huron. Known for its camping, hiking and fishing, the area is home to lighthouses, shipwrecks, two national parks and the largest nuclear facility in North America.

Corbin Design joined with county and municipal officials in an initiative to develop a tourist-oriented wayfinding system that unifies the county while identifying individual communities and reflecting their character. Four communities—Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton and Tiverton—were part of the initiative’s first phase. The system is designed to help make Bruce County a premier tourism destination and a leader in directional signage in Ontario.

A range of wayfinding signs was developed, from county gateways and gateways to the four communities to driving tour guides, pedestrian map directories and interpretive markers. Signs within the individual communities carry a header element that takes its design from that community’s gateway sign, to identify the community where the sign is located.

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