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We've been honored to have our work published in numerous newspapers, magazines, white papers, newsletters and books. Below is a list of publications in which we've been recently featured.

Workplaces Magazine
UW Health and Hesper Smyth, lead designer at Corbin Design, were featured in the October 2018 issue of Workplaces Magazine. The article is titled "Six Ideas to Improve Healthcare Wayfinding".
Journal Star
Our Peoria, Illinois clients and Shelley Steele, president of Corbin Design, were featured in a June 20, 2018 article titled "Wayfinding Finds A Way in Peoria".

Planning Facility Signage

The October 2017 issue of Facility Executive featured an article on Corbin Design titled "Planning Facility Signage", that discusses the need to establish wayfinding standards to improve visitor and staff experiences, now and in the future.


Wayfinding Company Growing Despite National Health Care Uncertainty

The May 2017 issue of Traverse City Business News featured an article on Corbin Design titled "Wayfinding Company Growing Despite National Health Care Uncertainty."

50 Leading Women of Business

In the April issue of Traverse City Business News Corbin Design's president, Shelley Steele, was recognized as one of the "50 Leading Women of Business".

A lot of design goes into those helpful park and trail maps​ (AP Article Contribution)

Corbin Design's Jeff Frank, lead designer, and Moira O'Polka, project manager, contributed to an Associated Press article on new designs and trends in wayfinding and interpretive signage in parks, aquariums, wilderness spaces, etc. that ran the week of March 28th in several national and international newspapers. 

The December issue of Healthcare Design features Corbin Design and our Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, Illinois project. The article explains the importance of using communications to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy.
In the January online issue of FacilityCare Magazine we assert that, for healthcare patients and visitors, what they know is just as important as what they see. For Facilities Managers, the limit of their responsibility is typically the built environment. An internal team, tasked with managing both the informational as well as the physical infrastructure, can proactively address wayfinding together.
In the December issue of American School & Hosptial Facility, Corbin Design was asked to provide overview of technology solutions for wayfinding, the advantages of digital tools for visitors, and how to integrate technology into a sustainable system of wayfinding communications.
In a wide-ranging College Planning & Management article on sustainable solutions for wayfinding, author Karen Spring interviewed a number of experts on sustainability. Corbin Design makes a case for sustainable information as well as sustainable signage. Simplified content is king, especially when giving directions.
Written by Ryan Fulger, this Signs & Digital Graphics article includes multiple examples of interior wayfinding solutions and contributions from Corbin Design, fabricators and digital solution providers. The article begins on page 36 of this online publication.
A summary of the St. Louis Regional wayfinding system in American City & County magazine. The successful result came about due to the foresight and collaboration between Corbin Design, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Center and the Missouri Department of Transportation. See our case study as well. 
Designing Destinations
Tips for creating more effective wayfinding signage programs, from a variety of experts in design and fabrication. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine article by Bill Schiffner, with Corbin Design as a primary contributor - January 2015. The article begins on page 82 of this online publication.
A review of the Kaizen (continuous improvement) process at Munson Medical Center, and the research that informed the design of a reinvigorated wayfinding system. Healthcare Design - November 2014
In this August 2014 FacilityCare article, we outline potential solutions to typical wayfinding challenges faced by healthcare facilities directors.
For Healthcare Construction & Operations February 2014 issue, we detail how a cross-disciplinary team created a wayfinding system that fits the context of the built environment, both informationally and in terms of appropriate design.
A Seamless Experience for Wayfinding
American School and University - November 2013
Integrating with Calgary's City Centre (Select "Sign Project Helps Calgarians Find Their Way" on cover graphic)
Sign Media Canada - July 2013
Healthcare Design Magazine article by Jennifer Kovacs Silvis with Corbin Design as contributor - June 2013
The Reality of Your Surroundings | Industry experts discuss EGD Trends
Signs of the Times article by Steve Aust with contributions from Corbin Design - June 2013
Rebranding: Forging a New Identity in the Wake of Consolidation
Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development (SHSMD) Spectrum Newsletter article - May/June 2013
Signage & Wayfinding: Does One Need an App?
American School & Hospital Facility article outlining ideas to consider before making an investment in digital wayfinding – October 2012
The Signs Say It All
College Planning & Management article by Scott Berman with contributions from Corbin Design – August 2012
Corbin Design makes career out of telling clients where to go
Northwest Michigan's Second Wave article by Kim North Shine – January 2012
Demonstrating Return on Investment: Gundersen Lutheran's Wayfinding System
FacilityCare – August, 2011
Future Directions: Vendors roll out the next generation of health care signage
Health Facilities Management article by Neal Lorenzi with contributions from Corbin Design – June, 2011
Urban Transportation Monitor – April, 2011
Signs of the Times article by Steve Aust – February, 2011
The Right of Wayfinding
College Planning & Management article by Danielle Brzyborowski – November, 2010
A World Without Signs: Does the advent of GPS mean we'll no longer need them?
Slate.com post by Julia Turner with contributions from Corbin Design – March 11, 2010