Mary Lou Piehl

Project Manager

Since joining Corbin Design in 2001, Mary Lou has lent her project management expertise to a wide range of clients, managing the development of wayfinding projects for large healthcare facilities, universities, and major metropolitan areas. (Her favorite projects are those that put her in close proximity to a Krispy Kreme franchise. Fortunately, she runs and plays more than enough tennis to burn off any excess calories.)

A legal assistant and paralegal before coming to Corbin Design, Mary Lou also worked at the local circuit court. Those assignments gave her a keen ability to keep a project on track, whether the project in question was a complex legal case or a large wayfinding and signage system. Mary Lou’s roles in the legal arena included client contact, fact finding, scheduling meetings and setting priorities—the same roles she fills here at Corbin Design. She compares the experience to producing a play—writing and editing the script, assuring that the actors know their roles and making sure that everything’s in place when the curtain rises.

Contact Mary Lou at:

Direct line: 231.346.2258

Email: marylou@corbindesign.com

Wayfinding & Signage System Experience:
  • healthcare
  • civic
  • education
  • other